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for males and females

This Massage is very similar to the one hour deep massage, but the extra time allows for a far more sensuous experience, allowing more time to concentrate on the more erogenous areas.

£70 in the Edinburgh Area

£80  Lothians

call or text: 07483435445

for males and females

My one hour deep massage borrows elements from Swedish and Deep tissue massage, bringing you an excellent de-stressing, relaxing experience that will put a smile definitely on your face, leaving you happy and satisfied.

This Massage can be as sensuous and as intimate as you need it to be.

£50 in the Edinburgh Area

£60  Lothians

call or text: 07483435445

(2 hours)

I have many client couples who love watching their partners being massaged. More and more people are finding out how sensuous and erotic it can be to share moments like this and my couples massage is as inclusive and informal as the couple wants it to be.

£90 in the Edinburgh area

£100 Lothians

call or text: 07483435445

       YONI MASSAGE         (90 minutes)
for ladies only

This Massage is definitely for the ladies only. I start with a normal, relaxing deep massage, then concentrate on the pelvic area, using breathing exercises, and gentle manipulation of the yoni area, slowly building the tension, then releasing in an explosion of pleasure.

£75 in the Edinburgh Area

£85 Lothians

call or text: 07483435445

          To arrange an appointment, email, call or text me on:


          email: james.masseur@yahoo.com

My  —  




Hi, I’m James, a local professional Masseur, with years of experience in bringing relaxation, relief, and more importantly…. release, to scores of clients during their visits to Edinburgh.                                                                         You may be in your own hotel room, on business, or perhaps on holiday, you have some quality time to yourself and you feel the need to stretch out and let someone else release all of the built-up tension….

I’m a mature, intelligent, educated guy.. I’m fit, easy on the eye, and more importantly, friendly.. the last thing you need is awkward silence.. this never happens with me.. I’ll put you at your ease in no time. Communication is the most important thing with massage.. no two massages are the same, different people want different things and there are no questions or requests which are silly, or taboo. I can bring my massage table to your hotel or home, but I also find that some clients can be a little intimidated by this and many clients prefer a little more familiarity during their massages, so many of my sessions take place on the bed... I bring towels and oils... All that's required of you is that you find a little peace and quiet for yourself, make sure the bedroom is comfortably warm, and to prepare your body for my ministrations.. have a nice long, relaxing bath or shower about 15 mins before I'm due to arrive. All of my Massages are administered using a blend of coconut and sunflower oils..



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